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  • Travel

    We understand that travelling to foreign countries can be a daunting prospect and some of the details can get confusing. So below we have provided all the information and support that you might need when travelling abroad to one of our projects.If you would like us to help you with planning your trip or your travel arrangements check out our Trip Planning page or send us an email; [email protected]

  • Visas

    Before you book your flights you should first check if you need a Visa for your trip. Whether you need a visa or not and what type will depend on; what country you are going to, what you will be doing and how long you will be staying for. For information on Visas you should contact the Foreign Commonwealth Office for the particular country that you are travelling to. If you would also like up to date information about the country you are visiting, you can find all the information you need on the UK Foreign Travel Advice Website.

    Vaccinations and Medication

    Before travelling you will also need to check what Vaccinations and Medication you will need for your trip. Luckily all you need to do is visit your GP or Doctor and explain where you are going, what you will be doing and they can give you all the information and arrange for any Vaccinations or Medication that you might need. Please keep in mind that if you are going to be working directly with animals whilst volunteering, this should be mentioned to your doctor who will likely advise that you are vaccinated against Rabies and Tuberculosis. If you would like to read about what Vaccinations/Medication you will need for your trip, the UK NHS Website provides a comprehensive list for every country. Also check out the governments Know Before You Go website.

    Travel Insurance

    It doesn’t matter if you are travelling for 2 weeks in Europe or 2 years in Africa, travel insurance is always essential. From our own experiences we know that it can be tricky finding the right cover, we want to make sure everyone going on a Wildweb trip is fully covered for the activities they will be doing. So we partnered with Flight centre who know all about the Wildweb and provide our members with the exact right cover for their trips at competitive prices and 24/7 emergency support.

    For advice, guidance and a quote for the right Travel Insurance for you contact our partners at Flight Centre by email; [email protected]


    After you've got all the information about your vaccinations, visa's and insurance you will then be looking at booking your flights. This can be straight forward for some locations and a little more complicated for those that are off the beaten path. Either way we want everyone going on a Wildweb trip to have professional advice, support and help when organizing their flights. For this our partners at Flight Centre have kindly offered to support our volunteers every step of the way with organizing and booking their flights. For this our partners at Gap year Travel have kindly offered to support our volunteers every step of the way with organizing and booking their flights.

    For help, advice and a quote for your flights contact our partners at Flight centre by email: [email protected]

    Emergency Support

    Unfortunately no matter how much we prepare you for your trip, accidents can still happen whether you are at the airport in England or on safari in Africa. With this in mind our partners at Gap year travel offer Wildweb travellers 24/7 emergency support for any problems they may encounter during their trip. The Wildweb team and the projects themselves are also on hand to offer around clock support to you via email.

    If you have any other questions about us, our projects or your trip please dont hesitate to contact us or visit our Trip Planning page for information on how we can help you in organizing your travel arrangements abroad.